Our consulting methodology consists of thoughtful listening, investigation, and thorough research of potential options. We also facilitate collaboration and creativity among all stakeholders, development teams, and content teams.


MFI's approach to consulting draws on 30 years of advocating for systems design and implementation that facilitates a positive user experience.

Studies in the field of positive psychology, shows that a happier workforce is more productive. Happier customers increase customer retention.

It is important that organizations make certain that organizational behavior does not deprive workers and customers of the enjoyment that comes naturally from doing one's best. This implies that organizations should facilitate productivity through the implementation of systems that support workers rather than restrict productivity.

We are deliberately application, methodology, and platform independent. Each organization is different and requires attention to culture as well as functional requirements when designing or specifying a system.


  • Business process analysis
  • Needs assessments
  • Conflict management and mediation
  • Requirements gathering
  • Functional and design specifications
  • Project management
  • Industry, platform, and application independent